Hi! I’m Andrea Persman, owner and lead floral designer with Larkspur & Leo. My florist career began in January 2018, when my family took over Laura’s Flower Shoppe in Lake Villa, IL, which I both operated and designed for. I am a self-taught floral designer, lucky enough to have had support and guidance by other, AIFD-certified, and hugely talented, floral designers in my area. Although I’m a very good copy-cat, and can conform to just about any floral design, the style I am most drawn to may be considered garden-inspired, a little bit bohemian, sometimes rustic, yet clean and focused.

To be completely honest with you, flowers were never truly a passion of mine… to tell you the truth, I knew nothing about flowers before 2018! What I love about floristry, floral design, and weddings/events mostly has to do with the people involved. I love the creative ideas brides come up with for their wedding; I am moved by the love and compassion people have for their loved ones when they pass; and it’s always a challenge coming up with new ways to manipulate flowers to create the perfect piece for a customer. All of this makes for fun, exciting, stressful (in a good way… mostly), and completely gratifying work.

My design team and I work out my home studio, in Antioch IL. Because I do not work out of a retail shop, I have very little overhead, which allows for us to offer quality work and premium florals at competitive, and often budget-friendly, pricing.

I hope you like my creations, and I hope for the opportunity to work with you!